Balboa VIPER 6

Balboa VIPER 6

VIPER: 6-12

The VIPER is our 6 inch to 12 inch tool. It travels down the pipe utilizing compressed air or nitrogen. The tool can be outfitted with tracks if required. It is equipped with conventional cameras, laser profiling for dents and ovality, and ultrasonic EMAT sensors. This sensor suite provides 100% volumetric inspection of the pipe. The result is a complete thickness map of the pipeline. EMAT is a non-contact ultrasonic technique that generates the sound in the pipeline itself, with well-known advantages for in-line inspection such as:

  • No couplant needed. Ultrasound waves are generated in dry or empty pipe.

  • Imperviousness to surface conditions. The EMAT signals can be generated on dirty, coated, or rusty pipelines.

  • Easy to deploy sensors. EMAT sensors do not need to be perfectly perpendicular to the pipe wall and can provide accurate readings on bends and during higher tool speeds.

  • Unique wave modes. EMAT can generate ultrasonic modes or wave forms that can be customized to detect different types of defects.